the project

The writings of H.P Lovecraft and the art of Text mode (text characters rather than pixels) have an unnatural binding. How can one show the unfathomable nightmares by the writer from Providence, if not using the tool that is the Commodore 64?

Those who remember (or even still use) the Commodore machine can certainly perceive what I saw the first time I encountered the art of Raquel Meyers. It seems that the insane descriptions from the Lovecraft’s stories were born to be depicted with the character set known as PETSCII (C64 ASCII) of that computer’s keyboard. So here we are.

H.P. Lovecraft in Text Mode

Is a Hardcover book with a gold foil cover (210 x 285 mm), from two of his more obscure writings, “Dagon” and “Nyarlathotep”. Our intention to create a wonderful book with 80 glossy pages of horrors, fears, and ASCII graphics..

Please help us to make this possible by backing this project. We have a big mystery stretch goal in mind to be reached. But first, what we need is the money to make it possible. In addition to the book, we will also print T-shirts, stickers, and postcards with the illustrations.

Every backer will be credited as a supporter of this publishing in a very special page of the book.

Project funded at KS / Release 2016 //

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